Caring for the enviroment: Port Phillip Prison

The Marlborough Unit Joint Treatment Program at Port Phillip Prison, situated in Melbourne’s outer west, provides transitional, educational, offence specific treatment and employment opportunities to offenders with an intellectual disability. It is also designed to create a safe environment for offenders where they can feel safe in the correctional system and where they are given opportunities to learn new ways of living. The aim is for them to return to the community and live a stable and productive lifestyle whilst creating no more victims.

They are also undertaking some initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the environment and local communities.

The Unit’s water saving initiative collects water from roof guttering into two 22,500 litre tanks, and rainwater from a shed into a 3000 litre tank. This allows PPP to harvest approximately 200,000 litres per year. The water is used to water the gardens, hot house sprinkler system and lawn areas. Since the program started in 2006 over 10 million litres of drinkable water has been saved.

Prisoners, with the assistance of a horticulture teacher, have prepared garden beds and are responsible for growing vegetables and propagation of plants which are donated to Community groups and schools in Werribee. Plants are also sold to staff with the money raised going back into the project to purchase more seedlings and equipment.