G4S Launches Global Risk Forecast 2016

G4S Risk Consulting has compiled a report providing a global risk forecast for 2016.

The threat of terrorism is still evident across the majority of the globe, particularly in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe. Major sporting events such as The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this summer are being considered as possible targets. Amid the Rio Olympics, the outbreak of Zika Virus and Yellow Fever are becoming increasing concerns for a health crisis, especially as vaccine availability reduces. Additionally, as drought in Southern and Eastern Africa forces people to migrate, comes the increased threat of more deadly disease outbreaks.  Across the globe, populations are growing increasingly frustrated due to government mismanagement. This is likely to convert into civil unrest, particularly in Brazil and the Americas. Elsewhere, the outcome of Brexit has resulted in an international risk-off environment, providing economic uncertainty. Global trade finance is to be closely monitored.

Our risk analysts have compiled an assertive forecast using their regional expertise, and we hope you find it a useful tool with which to alleviate business risks in 2016.

Click here for the report.