Strategic Partnership continues to deliver outstanding results

G4S and Lincolnshire Police release Year Two Annual Report

Lincolnshire Police and G4S Policing Support Services have released their Annual Report for this year, which focuses on year two of their ten-year partnership.

The report highlights the successes achieved through this partnership, yet also acknowledges the challenges experienced. Since implementing the unique partnership, Lincolnshire Police have been able to achieve an 18 percent reduction in costs while making 97 percent of police officers available for frontline duties.

G4S and Lincolnshire Police have built upon the positive foundation put in place during the first year, which is measured by the improvements to infrastructure, enhanced IT systems and additional savings.

The “Lincolnshire model”, as it has become known, demonstrates what can be achieved through police and private companies partnering to find innovative solutions.

G4S is looking to share the Lincolnshire information with governments in Australia and around the globe, to provide insights on how policing services can be delivered more cost effectively.

The Lincolnshire Police and G4S commenced their ten-year strategic partnership in April 2012, to help alleviate increasing budgetary pressure. The partnership is the widest outsourcing provision for a police force in the UK and is guaranteed to deliver £36 million in savings.

The full G4S-Lincolnshire Police Strategic Partnership – Year Two Annual Report can be found here

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