Securing your world

Our CSR Commitment

G4S plays an important role in society, we make a difference by helping people to operate in safe and secure environments where they can thrive and prosper and we believe this is a role that can only grow in importance

G4S is one of the world’s largest private employers, and the nature of our business and the countries and markets in which we operate mean that we form an important part of many societies and impact the lives of millions of people all over the world – it is our responsibility to make sure that the impact is a positive one.

There are many benefits of having an embedded CSR strategy and operating to high ethical standards. CSR helps to attract and retain staff, helps to win business in a competitive environment where we need to stand out from others, it helps to attract investment to support the growth of the company and, most of all, it helps to generate pride in the company from everyone connected to it. Ultimately CSR enables us to do better business.