Securing your world

CSR Performance

CSR Performance in 2013

Safeguarding our integrity

  • Launched our human rights framework for all G4S businesses and employees, based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights
  • External review of risk management process and action plan to increase group resources and improve systems and processes

  • Established a board Risk Committee and a separate risk management function for the group

  • Updated risk assessment of the group’s anti-bribery policies and controls

  • Completed 111 on-site internal audits, including measurement of compliance with G4S business ethics controls and HR minimum standards

  • Enhanced communication of the group’s Safe2Say whistle-blowing hotline through increased use of employee communications channels

  • Improved categorisation and reporting of issues raised through the whistle-blowing process

  • G4S Global Risk Services became a founding member of the ICOC Association, the compliance and oversight body for the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers

Securing our people

  • Completion of three further critical country reviews (CCRs)

  • Road safety campaign developed and piloted in seven countries

  • Enhanced incident reporting and investigation processes

  • Roll out of succession planning for all key management roles

  • Pilot of on-line performance reviews in a number of businesses

  • Talent review processes completed assessing over 1,300 managers

  • Continued extension of cultural awareness training tool

  • Partnership working to increase employment opportunities for disabled people and veterans

  • Completion of third global employee engagement survey, in which 62% of employees (over 380,000 people) shared their views and overall levels of engagement increased from 80% to 82%

  • Senior management survey conducted with 81% of senior managers participating and an average favourable response rate of 83%

Securing our environment

  • The G4S total carbon footprint in 2013 was 559,000 t/CO2e

  • Achieved an overall reduction in carbon intensity of 4.9% in 2013, resulting in a 23.5% reduction in carbon intensity between 2009 and 2013, against a target of 20%

  • Continued focus on increasing the efficiency of our vehicle fleet

  • G4S North America reduced vehicle emissions by 11% overall

  • G4S UK achieved a reduction in emissions from its cash in transit fleet of some 7%

Securing our communities

  • Conducted an academic study of the social and economic impacts of G4S within the UK, demonstrating direct and indirect support of 68,000 jobs across the country and a total Gross Added Value of £1.95 billion contribution to the UK economy

  • Invested approximately £2 million in charitable community programmes and welfare programmes for employees

  • Matched £28,000 of employee fundraising for local community good causes

  • Established G4S 4teen legacy community programmes in Botswana, Colombia, Estonia, India, Nigeria, Philippines and Thailand