Securing your world

CSR Strategy

As the world’s leading integrated security company, we help people to work and live in a safe and secure environment.

At the Heart of our Strategy

We form an important part of many societies, impacting daily on the lives of millions of people across the world. It is therefore critical that we conduct ourselves in a socially responsible and ethical way to ensure our success and continued development of our sustainable business model.

In 2013, we began a programme to review and reinvigorate the group’s values which had been developed some ten years ago, to assess their relevance against the current strategy. We updated these values and our priority going forward will be to ensure that they are embedded in every aspect of our business and applied systematically and consistently across the entire organisation.

Our 618,000 employees and their representatives make up one of our most important stakeholder groups – they are the face of G4S and the key to the long-term success of the company.

In order to attract and retain the best people, we use a variety of employee engagement methods which are delivered in a way which is appropriate for the local culture and environment. One of the most important of those methods is our employee survey, which targets the entire workforce and takes place every two years.

The most recent of these took place in 2013, with over 380,000 of our employees (62% of the total workforce) taking the time to give their feedback on a number of aspects of working at G4S. We are particularly proud that 82% of employees who responded indicated that they would recommend G4S as an employer to a friend.

Elsewhere we engage with customers through account management, surveys and operational reviews. We have strong relationships with the investor community, which includes CSR meetings targeted specifically at socially responsible investment advisers and fund managers, which provide essential feedback and help to shape our CSR strategy. We also encourage engagement and participation with government regulators, industry bodies and relevant experts where we feel their expertise can help to improve our CSR plans and business strategies. All of this supports our aim of achieving long-term, sustainable shareholder value.

A Focused Approach

To ensure that our CSR strategy is focused on the most important and material ethical and sustainability issues, G4S monitors and evaluates emerging CSR trends and issues on an ongoing basis.

Earlier this year, we concluded our most recent stakeholder survey, which aimed to identify which CSR issues are most significant to G4S and its stakeholders. Through this identification of the material ethical and sustainability issues, we have been able to prioritise the core areas on which we must focus our CSR strategy and reporting.

In line with best practice materiality processes, we surveyed executive and non-executive members of G4S senior management and board, together with a representative sample of G4S stakeholders – including customers, SRI and mainstream investors and NGOs. We asked them which CSR issues and trends they believed presented the greatest risks and/or opportunities to the organisation’s performance, strategy and reputation.

The top-line results of this review are presented in the materiality matrix, which compares the importance of each issue to G4S relative to its importance to the stakeholder. The closer each issue is towards the top right hand corner of the matrix, the more important it is to stakeholders and the more material it is to G4S’s business.


Areas of Focus

The materiality review identified three clear CSR issues which are the most material to G4S – business ethics and anti-corruption, human rights and health and safety.

Two of these most material issues, business ethics and human rights, form part of our core value of “integrity”.

Health and safety remains a vital aspect of safeguarding our employees. We are launching a new specific health and safety value called Safety First in 2014 to reflect the importance of keeping colleagues and those around us safe. The review also defines a strong group of further employee related issues on the fringe of the materiality threshold, demonstrating the importance placed on these issues, and recognising the progress we have made to implement and maintain high standards in these areas.

Additional CSR areas, such as environmental impact and community investment, are recognised as key ‘business as usual’ elements of our CSR strategy and reporting.