Securing your world

Living our values

Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Highlights

Strategic Importance

G4S plays an important role in society. We make a difference by helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper.

Our size and scale means we touch the lives of millions of people across the world and we have a duty and desire to ensure the influence we have makes a positive impact on the people with whom and the communities in which we work.

G4S has seven group values. They are very important to us as they help shape the way in which we conduct our business. To ensure that they remain embedded in everything we do, we have undertaken a programme to reinvigorate the values across the group.

Our employee ethics code sets out how employees should behave in order to demonstrate our “Integrity” value. This is supplemented with a business ethics policy. Updated annually, this policy sets out the standards and responsibilities we expect our managers to demonstrate personally and which should be reflected in all aspects of the business.

The sectors in which G4S operates mean that risk is an important element of our businesses. We are committed to operating an effective risk management culture to support strategy execution, and to provide enhanced governance over critical business decisions.


2013 Achievements


2014 Priorities

  • Completed 111 on-site audits to measure compliance with G4S standards, including business ethics controls
  • Reinvigorate our updated group values across all businesses
  • External review of risk management process and action plan to increase resources, improve systems and processes
  • Embed improved risk management and assurance processes across the group
  • Appointment of a group director of risk and programme assurance
  • Strengthen internal audit’s remit and resources
  • Updated risk assessment of anti-bribery policies and controls
  • Complete review of whistle-blowing arrangements, including the policy, process and systems
  • Over 500 new employees took part in our online anti-corruption and anti-bribery training programme