Securing your world

Securing our environment

Alongside the risks faced by people and infrastructure from climate change are the challenges presented by the economic climate.

Increased fuel costs and the introduction of ‘carbon taxes’ ensure that energy efficiency and environmental impact remain important to the effectiveness and sustainability of our business.

We recognise the impact that our business activities can have on the environment and are committed to managing this impact in a responsible manner. Through our climate action programme we measure, report and reduce the intensity of our environmental impact. We have partnered with our customers, employees and suppliers to invest in energy efficient technologies and reduce waste and water consumption.

We are very proud of the progress we have made and the steps we have taken to develop an environmentally sustainable company by increasing our energy efficiency and reducing our environmental impact through new ways of working.



  • Achieved an overall reduction in carbon intensity of 4.9% during 2013, representing a reduction of 1.9% in actual emissions

  • Achieved an overall reduction in carbon intensity of 23.5% between 2009 and 2013, exceeding our stated target of 20%

  • Continued focus on increasing the efficiency of our vehicle fleet

  • G4S North America reduced vehicle emissions by 11% overall

  • G4S UK achieved a reduction in emissions from its cash in transit fleet of some 7% 

  • Continue to implement energy efficiency strategies to reduce carbon intensity by at least 4.5% per annum

  • Continue analysis of electricity and gas consumption and identify initiatives to improve energy efficiency within our facilities