Securing your world

Securing our people

As one of the world’s largest private employers, our approach to people management has a material impact on our business and is a key focus for our management.

Only with the expertise and commitment of our people will we be able to meet our customers’ expectations and deliver on our organisational goals. To secure this commitment we focus on the areas set out in the human resources standards below, which we believe have the greatest impact; we believe that by doing this we stand the best chance of attracting, recruiting, engaging and retaining the best people.

Our human resources standards have been in place for a number of years and are recognised as setting the framework for good employment practices across the whole group.

These standards cover:

  • Acquisition of best people
  • Employee engagement
  • Learning and development
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Performance and remuneration




  • Completion of three further critical country reviews of health and safety

  • Introduction of Driving Force Rules, a campaign to promote safe driving, piloted in seven countries

  • Enhanced incident reporting and investigation processes

  • Establish a new group value called Safety First – to ensure absolute focus on health and safety in everything we do

  • Introduction of performance-related objectives linked to health and safety for our global leadership management group

  • Continue to embed group values in everything we do and reinforce them at every opportunity

  • Induction training for new health and safety practitioners on G4S policies and practices

  • Completion of further critical country reviews

  • Roll out of the Driving Force Rules campaign to all businesses

  • Continued monitoring of health and safety KPI data




  • Rolled out succession planning to all key management roles

  • Piloted online performance reviews in a number of businesses

  • Completed two talent review processes assessing over 1,300 managers

  • Launch of the revised senior leadership programme

  • Implementation of a new individual based development programme for people operating at a strategic level

  • Development and implementation of the senior management on-boarding tool

  • Extension of the use and data captured on our talent management system



  • Continued extension of cultural awareness training tool 
  • Ongoing work to increase employment opportunities for disabled people and veterans 

  • Review opportunities for embedding cultural awareness training

  • Increasing diversity in talent pools and management population




  • Completed third global employee engagement survey, in which 62% of employees (over 380,000 people) shared their views and overall levels of engagement increased from 80% to 82%

  • Conducted global senior management survey with

  • 81% of senior managers participating and an average favourable response rate of 83%

  • Analysis of results from the 2013 employee engagement survey

  • Implement the actions arising from the 2013 global employee engagement survey

  • Continue to maintain good union and employee relations at all levels