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Victorian Electronic Monitoring

G4S Care and Justice has been providing equipment supply and support for the Corrections Victoria Electronic Monitoring program since 2013.

The programme is for offenders who are being electronically monitored in the community and at the Corella Place Residential Facility near Ararat, 2 1/2 hours north west of Melbourne. The contract in Victoria utilises the CHRONOS platform using both PID and SOLO devices and the SCRAMNet platform using the SCRAMx® trans-dermal alcohol monitoring device.

The SCRAM programme was estimated to initially track 10 offenders in the first year up to 30 by year three. Now entering it’s third year, the current programme tracks 70 offenders and has exceeded all expectations in terms of delivery.

The contract is for the provision of a complete electronic monitoring solution which comprises the supply of all hardware, software and related services including client training, support and maintenance.