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Melbourne Custody Centre

G4S were awarded the contracts for the management and operation of the Melbourne Custody Centre (MCC) and the Moorabbin Justice Centre (MJC) in March 2010.

The facilities are managed through a contract with Victoria Police (VicPol). In April 2014, at the request of VicPol, G4S expanded the custodial and court escort services to encompass the newly upgraded cells at the Ringwood Police Station

G4S provides all custodial and management services at the Centres. The responsibilities at the contracts include:

  • Managing the processing of incoming and outgoing prisoners
  • Court security and the escorting of prisoners
  • Related documentation and handling / storing of personal property
  • Ensuring the security, safety and welfare of prisoners whilst in custody

The MCC receives and accommodates prisoners attending the Melbourne Magistrates Court as well as being the central location for all prisoners initially arrested by Victoria Police. The MCC has the capacity to hold 67 prisoners in 30 cells, 2 of which are padded. Prisoners can be accommodated at the MCC for up to 14 days before being transferred to a more permanent location. During their stay they can receive professional as well as family cubicle (non-contact) visits.

Each year there is on average around 23,000 prisoner movements, with an average 45 prisoners attending Court each weekday, and 30 prisoners on the weekend.

The Moorabbin Justice Centre is a modern facility with holding cells for a maximum of nine male, female or juvenile prisoners attending the four Magistrates Courts in that Complex.

Success at the Custody centres has been measured by; more prisoners attending scheduled Court dates, the freeing up of Police Officers to be able to concentrate their efforts on frontline Policing and the reduction of the costs associated with the management of prisoners in Police cells.

With over 76 staff across all three custody centres the focus at all times is on maintaining a secure and safe environment for prisoners, staff and members of the public. G4S has maintained ISO9001 at MCC and MJC.