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Melbourne & Malmsbury Youth Justice Centres

G4S has been providing security services to Youth Justice Centres across Victoria since 2011. The Melbourne Youth Justice Centre, known as the Youth Justice Precinct, is a high security facility located in the inner northern Melbourne suburb of Parkville. The complex provides supervision and care for young males and females who have been remanded in custody or sentenced to a Youth Justice Order. The Parkville Youth Justice Precinct is comprised of two custodial centres and accommodates:

  • 10-14 year old males – remanded and sentenced by a Victorian Court
  • 15-18 year old young men who have been sentenced or remanded by a Victorian Courts
  • 10-17 year old females – remanded and sentenced by a Victorian Court
  • 18-21 year old women sentenced to a Youth Justice Centre Order by the Adult Court in Victoria

The Malmsbury Youth Justice Precinct is located approximately 100 kilometres north of Melbourne. It accommodates young men aged 18-20 years sentenced to a Youth Justice Centre Order by the Victorian Adult Courts. There are up to 90 residents in a mixture of low and high security residential units.

G4S provides a range of services to both these centres ensuring the safety and security of all persons who move through the facility on behalf of the Department of Human Services (DHS). These services include;

  • Security and management of the Reception Centre, staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Pedestrian and vehicle traffic management in the vehicle Sally port entry
  • Screening services including metal detection scanning, x-ray, drug detection, biometric retinal scanning devices and manual searching
  • Manned guarding and perimeter security
  • Access Control - including the use of electronic access control systems, security technologies e.g. Metal detectors; Biometrics; Monitoring of CCTV
  • Alarm response and emergency response services
  • Internal escorting

With approximately 35 staff servicing each contract, the primary objective has been to provide a safe and secure environment to staff, residents and visitors, both inside and outside of the facility.

G4S has a proven track record of providing outstanding services. One of the ways we have done this is by reducing contraband found in the facility by up to 90% compared to the start of the contract. The second is by employing and implementing innovative staffing solutions that have seen internal security escorts freeing up government operational staff, enabling an outcome that has jointly increased operational effectiveness and improved fiscal outcomes for the client. This is just one of the ways our well placed security solutions allow the Department of Human Services (DHS) to focus on the rehabilitation of their clients.